Terms of Service

The list of services provided:

– Daily delivery of shipment to cities of the country (Dhaka, Chittagong, Sylhet, Suburban Dhaka Areas, and many more) by road;
– Acceptance of shipping for transportation without the participation of the consignee;
– Delivery of parcels “door to door”;
– Acceptance of applications for the transportation of goods via the Internet;
– Conclusion of contracts for transport-forwarding services for enterprises;
– Free storage of arrived shipment for 3 days;
– The organization of insurance .
The shipper is obliged to provide reliable information about the quantity and nature of the Parcel, to provide all the documents necessary for the products of parcel. In case of failure to provide the invoice indicated, the parties agreed that the shipment is considered to be declared as stuck and will go to next step after discussion.
For timely collection of shipment in Dhaka and Chittagong, the application must be filed no later than 5:00 of the current day. In this case, the application will be completed on the next business day.
The following items are not accepted for shipment: – firearms, signal, pneumatic, gas weapons, ammunition, cold steel (including throwing), stun devices and spark gaps, as well as the main parts of the firearm;
– Narcotic drugs, psychotropic, potent, radioactive, explosive, as well as poisonous, caustic, flammable and other dangerous substances;
– Animals and plants;
– Bank notes of Bangladesh, foreign currency, securities: shares, promissory notes, etc .;
– The goods demanding at storage and transportation of a certain temperature condition;
– Perishable foods;
– Objects and substances that, by their nature or packaging, may pose a danger to the employees of the company, contaminate or damage (damage) other goods and transport of the company;
– Goods without packaging, excluding access to the investment, with the exception of indivisible
– Other goods, transportation of which is prohibited by the current legislation and / or the Rules for the provision of freight forwarding services.
Packing cargo.
The cargo for transportation is accepted in a package that ensures the safety of the parcel during transportation. Each place must be marked with the exact name of the sender and recipient, their addresses and telephone numbers.
Dangerous goods
List of goods subject to mandatory additional life (rigid packaging)
Requirements for cargo transferred for carriage:
1. The shipment must be shipped in the proper transport packaging. In the event that the packaging does not meet the requirements established by Biddyut Limited.
2. The cargo delivered to the warehouse by the partner must be packed in such a way as not to be able to move inside the package. If there are voids inside the package, the company cannot guarantee the absence of damage to the appearance of the parcel.
3. If there are special requirements for the parcel being transported, partner is obliged to indicate these requirements on the packaging of the parcel (to make markings), and also separately inform the LIVE SUPPORT about these requirements when checking out the parcel for transportation.
4. Upon delivery of the parcel to the terminal, it is necessary to prepare the parcel for transfer to the company’s employees, namely, to receive a marking on the parcel and move the parcel to the ramp. Receipt of parcel receiving  is made from Our company.
Payment for services:
Payment for services of the Forwarder should be made no later than 7 banking days from the moment of invoice to delivery of parcel to the Customer, if the Agreement between the Parties does not provide for another payment procedure.
Our company sends to the customer a notification of the arrival of the goods in any way convenient to the seller: by e-mail, by telephone or via SMS notification (short text message). Notification by any of these methods is considered appropriate and sufficient.
Dispute Resolution Procedure:
1. All claims must be submitted in writing within 3 days from the day the right to claim arises. The impossibility of recovering the parcel , the fact of causing damage, the size of the damage caused is proved by the Client.
2. The claim for the loss, shortage or damage (deterioration) of the parcel must be accompanied by documents justifying the right to present it, as well as documents confirming the cost of repair or the cost of purchasing if it is impossible to recover or lose the parcel.
3. The Commercial Act of the identified shortage, damage (deterioration) of the cargo must be drawn up immediately at the time of the delivery of the goods by the Deliveryman to the partner.
Claims of shortage, damage (deterioration) of the goods found after the delivery of the goods are not subject to satisfaction, except for cases when the Client, when receiving the goods with the necessary attention and care, was not able to detect defects. The client is obliged to prove these circumstances.
4. Compensation for claims made on the basis of the fact that it is impossible to recover (sell, use) damaged / damaged parcel is made after the specified parcel has been transferred by the Deliveryman to the customer. From the moment of compensation to the Client of such damage, the ownership of the goods passes to the partner.
5. All disputes that may arise under the contract or in connection with it shall be settled with the obligatory observance of the preliminary claim procedure.
In case of failure to reach an agreement between the parties on a claim basis, the dispute is considered in our HQ at the location of ( Biddyut Limited,Paradise Maria 11/8/D Free School Street , Box Culvert, Dhaka – 1205, Bangladesh ).

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Biddyut Limited, an initiative of Concorde Garments Group (CGG), is an innovative logistics and delivery service provider. Biddyut aims to build a better eco system by transforming from the traditional to technology driven delivery services for the first time in Bangladesh.
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